What’s new in VMware Horizon 6.2

VMware Horizon 6.2

What’s new in VMware Horizon 6.2

Today, VMware announced Horizon 6.2. In this post I will explain some of the features which are new.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is fully supported as both a desktop guest OS as well as an Horizon Client. Also, smart card support for Windows 10 is added.


One of the coolest features in Horizon 6.2 is the added functionality of the View Composer. It is now possible to provision RDS hosts as a linked clone and build/manage your RDSH server farms automated. Pretty awesome right?

vDGA and vGPU support is added to RDSH server farms so enhanced graphics can be utilized on published applications.

From a load balancing perspective, it is now possible to balance server farm applications on a memory and cpu resource basis.
Also, Cloud Pod Architecture is now supported to allow applications to be used in global entitlements (which in this case can also be launched through blast!).

To enhance security, one-way AD trusts are supported without the need of a broker in the external domain.


All Flash support is added to improve performance.


First of all, 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) support for monitors is added.
Besides that, VMware also added vDGA pass-through graphics for AMD graphics cards.


It is now possible to clone a pool. Finally!
More detailed license information is now shown in the UI like the license key, named user and concurrent connection user count.


And last, but not least, support for vSphere 6 update 1 was added.

My guess is that this is the last release before Horizon 6.5 which will contain support to Project Enzo, which in it’s case will probably be announced during VMworld 2015 in Barcelona.

Johan van Amersfoort