Help me get my sessions to VMworld 2017

It has been an awesome week. Yesterday, I became a VMware End-User Computing (EUC) Champ for 2017 and this makes me very proud. A couple of years ago I made the decision to focus on VMware EUC technology and that brought me where I am now. I also submitted some papers for VMworld 2017 sessions which brings me to my next goal in life: present at a VMworld conference.


Presenting is one of the coolest things about my job. I have presented at this year’s NLVMUG and will be presenting at the Belgium VMUG as well as the North Western UK VMUG, both in May. As VMworld is the top-notch virtualization event, it would be really awesome if one of my submitted papers gets chosen to be a session at one of the VMworld conferences.

I submitted 3 sessions:

[1271] Designing a Multi Data Center Horizon View Solution, the VCDX way

In this session, I will explain what methods exist to implement a Multi Data Center Horizon View Solution, based on the Validated Designs. During my VCDX-DTM project, I came across some challenging constraints and requirements that I managed to solve by using some of the specific functionality in the Horizon Enterprise Suite such as Horizon Smart Policies, Cloud Pod Architecture, Load Balancing with NSX and Asyncronous Replication with User Environment Management.

[1270] Workspace ONE: A secure workplace without concessions in User Experience

Designing and implementing a Digital Workspace could be a challenging thing, but will increase productivity and the User Experience of the end user. But when thinking about security, most IT engineers get headaches because security and user experience were each others nemesis in the traditional workplace strategies. In this session I will explain why a great user experience is essential to accelerate the adoption of a digital workspace and that this can even be done in conjunction with high security standards.

[2566] Organisational Readiness: How organisational transformation can help succeed a Digital Workspace implementation

It is hard keeping pace in a changing digital world. The last 5 years have brought an enormous shift in how we are using information and consuming services. Direct access to services e.g. entertainment (video/music) and utilities (power consumption, smart home appliances) are helping us in our daily lives. Unfortunately, enabling the business to be able to handle that digital transformation, is a challenge for many companies. But where to start? With many stakeholders within the business and different or conflicting interests, it may seem impossible to align them and create a strategy your entire business can work with today and in the future. Based on real-life experiences we will explain how to define a “Why” behind a change and how to use this “why” to make every digital transformation project successful.

If you think that these sessions belong to a great conference like VMworld (and I’m sure you do :)), then please help me get there by voting for these sessions. You can do so by going to the following URL and give these sessions 5 stars:

Johan van Amersfoort