VMware & Lakeside launch free SysTrack VDI assessment portal

Today, VMware and Lakeside Software launched their free VDI assessment portal.

When designing a new Horizon View based VDI solution, one of the most important goals is to create a user experience that’s at least as good as the user experience on a normal desktop. So during a VDI assessment or design phase, one needs to get in-depth knowledge about the resources needed to create a good user experience. And that can be a challenging thing. Often, Lakeside’s SysTrack is used to get that knowledge. Also, VMware has a solution called the Capacity Planner which can do an assessment, but it’s quite prehistoric. And unfortunately, still needed for a vSphere Design.

As starting from today, VMware and Lakeside offer a hosted solution that does the same, but this time it’s free! At the moment, it’s mainly focussed on VDI assessments, but let’s hope they will implement vSphere assessments as well!

By registering here, you can start your free VDI assessment.

To get an idea how it looks, check this:Schermafbeelding 2015-02-25 om 14.43.35


Schermafbeelding 2015-02-25 om 14.43.22

Johan van Amersfoort