VMware Identity Manager 2.4 announced today!

Exciting times in the EUC world these days. VMworld 2015 in San Francisco was full announcements of cool new stuff like Project A2, Horizon 6.2 and of course more details on Project Enzo. As a dessert, today VMware announced a new version of the Identity Manager (vIDM). vIDM is the rebranded Workspace Portal solution. In the current 2.1 version it’s still Workspace Portal with a different name, but with 2.4 the rebranding is completed.

Here is a list of some of the new features which are worth mentioning:

Support for Horizon 6 Apps via HTML Access

It’s finally possible to directly start RDSH Apps without using the Horizon Client. By leveraging Blast, No additional client is needed. BYOD to the max!

Addition Citrix Support

It is now possible to access Citrix XenApps who are load balanced by a Netscaler (externally).

Athentication Methods

To support more types of use cases, VMware added more authentication types. vIDM support RADIUS-based, Certificate-based and SmartCard-based authentication.

SQL Support

As (I believe) a first time, VMware added Microsoft SQL Server 2014 support for an external database to Linux based appliance. Pretty sweet! I’m wondering if this means that future appliances (like vCenter Server Appliance) will also support MS SQL Server. Let’s wait and see!

Johan van Amersfoort