VMware aquires Immidio

Immidio by VMware
Immidio by VMware


Exciting End User Computing news!

Immidio, famous for it’s Flex+ suite will be joining the End User Computing division of VMware.

A couple of years ago, the famous Flex Profile Kit was developed by Jeroen van de Kamp to have the speed of a mandatory profile and the agility of a roaming profile. This so called Hybrid Profile made sure that the login/logoff process in a Server Based Computing environment was fast and easy to manage.

In 2008, Immidio was founded to further develop the Flex Profile Kit. This evolved into Flex Profiles and later on to Flex+, a complete solution to manage a desktop (workspace) environment with support for Application Virtualization.

My estimate is that Flex+ will be an awesome addition to Persona Management and the management of the Virtual Desktop!

Here is the official announcement by Immidio and the EUC blog from VMware.


Johan van Amersfoort