Find me at the VMUG in Belgium and North West UK

Last month, the VMUG in the Netherlands (NLVMUG) was held in the 1931 venue in Den Bosch. It was a great event that included 2 sessions of my own and some of my ITQ colleagues as well. Next month, I will make my official debut as an international VMUG speaker as I will be presenting at the Usercon in Belgium as well as the one in the North West UK (Manchester).

First things first. I presented two sessions. One was a group discussion around the VCDX program and one about Security and User Experience. The last one of the two was recorded. So if you would like to watch the recording, here it is:

My sessions at the Belgium and North-East UK will be based on this session, but slightly different.

Furthermore, the agenda at the Belgium VMUG is online and it looks pretty great! Joe Baguley, Duncan Epping, Viktor van den Berg, Valentin Bondzio, Luc Dekens and myself (together
with some sponsor sessions) will fill a day full of technical awesomeness. If you are in the area, come by to get inspired. The 25th edition of the Belgium VMUG will be held in awesome venue
called The Lamot Brewery (which is a perfect venue in for a Belgium VMUG as they are famous for their great beers 🙂  ) in Mechelen on the 12th of May. You can register for free by using this link.

2 weeks after the Belgium VMUG, the North West UK will be held in Manchester on the 24th of May. Yours truly will be part of a filled day of different sessions from community members, VMware and different vendors like Nimble and Zerto. As Belgium is famous for it’s beers, the UK is famous for it’s traditions like Tea Time. A coincidence or not,  the North West UK VMUG is held in a venue called the Rosy Lee Tea Room. Like the Belgium VMUG, registration is for free and can be done by using this link.

I hope to meet you all there!

Johan van Amersfoort