UEM 8.7 is GA!

Yesterday, VMware brought 3 new versions of existing products to the GA status. Horizon Flex 1.6, Identity Manager 2.4 and User Environment Manager 8.7.

That last one caught my eye. Mostly because I am busy on a project right now in which I will implement UEM on a Horizon View environment en will benefit with new features. So what are those new features:

Session detection

UEM is now able to detect all sorts of session types: PcoIP connections, Blast connections, RDP connections and last but not least Citrix connections.

Client name/IP detection

VMware added Support for detecting Client IP/Client Name in Horizon View. As this is also added to Horizon 6.2, you need to upgrade to that version to actually be able to leverage this functionality.

Extended Enterprise actions

It is now possible to refresh drive mappings upon Reconnect/Unlock of a session

Extended Platform support

Windows 10 is now officially supported (although is kind-of already worked in 8.6).

Improved analysis tools

Like the Resultant Set of Policies feature in Windows, UEM now provides extended analysis in the form of Resultant set of UEM items. Pretty cool! Especially when troubleshooting a user’s desktop or application. The output will be stored in the xml format.

Improved application profiling

A new feature is added in the Application Profiler.  By auto excluding sections,  better profiling results are achieved by providing even better optimized UEM Configuration files for applications.

Extended Physical support

The UEM Synctool (which can be used for devices that can be offline like notebooks) now has extended features for dynamically updating the user environment when updates are synchronized locally.

With these new features, VMware is again a step closer in integrating it’s EUC portfolio. The only thing I’m a bit curious about, is if they still have enough material to announce new products and features during VMworld 2015 in Barcelona. Let’s hope so!

Johan van Amersfoort