Change is the only constant

Let me start by wishing you guys all the best in 2017! 2016 has been  the biggest rollercoaster in my career. vExpert 2016, VMware EUC Champion, VMworld Las Vegas and Barcelona and last but not least: VCDX-DTM. All stuff I am really, really proud of, and which I couldn’t have achieved without the help of my employer, ITQ.


All this made me think. Last year I have been working as a Team lead for the End-User Computing business unit at ITQ and we have achieved great things. Awesome projects, enormous growth (in projects, consultants and publicity) and great awareness on an international level (our CEO got interviewed on stage at VMworld Barcelona about our unique partnership). I am a guy with a passion for technology and managing a team as the primary objective didn’t suit me that well at this time in my career. Hmm.. but what does?

Francisco Perez van der Oord at VMworld

The last 3 years I have also been working as an evangelist for everything that has to do with VMware’s products and End-User Computing in particular. Blogging, presenting (at events and customers) and technical enablement were such things which gave me a lot of energy, and still does. I started talking to people around me and now the rollercoaster continues in another direction!

Starting from this week I will be working as a Technical Marketing Architect at ITQ. I will be focussing on creating solutions based on the VMware product portfolio and all content around it. Content like blog posts and white papers. And of course presentations on events like the NLVMUG. My focus areas will be our customers, our consultants and the VMware community with a lot of great initiatives that I will be working on. But more about that later..

I am very excited to continue working with/at an employer that has a great focus on personal development and take my career and the services at ITQ to the next level!

Johan van Amersfoort