Horizon 6

Operating System Optimization Tool, my favorite fling

First of all, let me emphasize how cool the VMware Flings portal is. Most of you will probably know it already. But to whom that don’t know it yet, please check it. Basically, VMware developers get the chance to work on side projects to create “Flings” that they think is cool or a great addition to current products. Some of the flings, I have used before and still use them as they make life more easy. Horizon Toolbox (previously know as View Auditing Portal) is one of them. It is a web portal that serves as an extension to the View…

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VMware aquires Immidio

  Exciting End User Computing news! Immidio, famous for it’s Flex+ suite will be joining the End User Computing division of VMware. A couple of years ago, the famous Flex Profile Kit was developed by Jeroen van de Kamp to have the speed of a mandatory profile and the agility of a roaming profile. This so called Hybrid Profile made sure that the login/logoff process in a Server Based Computing environment was fast and easy to manage. In 2008, Immidio was founded to further develop the Flex Profile Kit. This evolved into Flex Profiles and later on to Flex+, a complete…

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Error 1920 when starting the View Composer service

When starting the VMware View Composer Service on a Windows Server 2012 or 2012R2 machine, you receive error 1920. According to this KB article, it could be related to internet connectivity problems or missing Windows Updates. Well, this is kind-of true. Apparently, When starting the service, an internet connection is necessary to check if the certificate used on the View Composer is still valid according to the Windows Certificate Store, which on it’s turn checks Windows Update for the latest certificate revocation list. Unfortunately, Windows Server 2012 and up uses a different method in checking the certificate revocation list. Instead…

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