Access Point, Horizon 6.2, Horizon 7

Cloud Pod Architecture with F5 LTM or NSX

In 2014, VMware announced a new feature in Horizon 6 called Cloud Pod Architecture. This feature can make sure that you can run Horizon based VDI/Remote Apps from multiple data centers and that the maximum number of desktops can exceed 10,000 per Horizon implementation (by setting up multiple POD’s with 10,000 desktops each). To use this feature, it is a best practice to set up load balancing as well. And…

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Review of VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas

2016 is a year full of highlights with stuff like the EUC Champion program and my road to VCDX. And the VMworld conference in Las Vegas is also one of them. This post is my review of this year’s US version of VMworld and I would like to explain why it’s one of my highlights. This year’s VMworld US Edition was held in the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas due to maintenance... Read more

VMworld 2016: What’s new in Horizon 7.0.2?

One of the two best weeks of the year is in progress. VMworld 2016 and this year’s US version is located in Las Vegas. traditionally, a lot of announcements were made around new features and new products. Let’s find out what’s new in Horizon 7.0.2. Blast Extreme Support for over 60 thin/zero clients by Dell, HP, Igel, 10ZIG, Fujitsu and Atrust Grid GPU support for nVIDIA Grid K1, K2, M6,... Read more

The road to VCDX, Part 4: Discipline

Wow, again it has been a few weeks after the last post around my journey in becoming VCDX-DTM. And what a past few weeks it were. If anyone told me it was this hard, I would probably laughed at them. Since the last blog I learned something about myself I didn’t think I had: Discipline. Let’s get back in time a few weeks. My design got roasted big time. But... Read more

VMware announces AirWatch Express

Today, VMware announced a new version of the Mobile Device Management Suite called AirWatch Express.  AirWatch Express is a more admin-friendly, less complicated version of AirWatch that mainly focusses on SMB and Telco customers. AirWatch Express will be available for only $2,50 per User per Month and contains a couple of new cool features that are hopefully coming to the normal AirWatch Suite as well. Simplified Console The first thing... Read more

The road to VCDX, Part 3: Get challenged!

So, it has been a while since the last post around the road to achieving the VCDX certification. There are a couple of reasons for that of which I will explain some of them in this post. The main reason for my absence is that I have been working quite hard to write my design. And that has been a great challenge (and still is). The project that I have... Read more

VMware EUC Champion 2016

Some of you may already have read it on twitter or on the news site of my employer ITQ: I have been rewarded with the End-User Computing (EUC) Champion status for 2016! Something I am really proud of and truly honored to have achieved. The last couple of years at ITQ have been a rollercoaster with this being another example. So what is the End-User Computing Champion reward? This is... Read more

What’s new in VMware Identity Manager and Access Point 2.7?

Today I noticed that the release notes for VMware’s Identity Manager and Access Point version 2.7 are made available. A quick overview of what’s new: VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) 2.7 Workspace ONE app providing standalone Mobile Application Management featuresYou can use the Workspace ONE app to distribute public mobile applications to unmanaged devices through the Workspace ONE app catalog. Users can single sign-on between the Workspace ONE app and productivity apps... Read more

New EUC releases

Today, VMware announced a few new releases of existing products within the EUC portfolio. I summarized all of the newly released features and enhancements in this blogpost. Horizon 7.0.1 Configure the clipboard memory size for VMware Blast and PCoIP sessions  View administrators can configure the server clipboard memory size by setting GPOs for VMware Blast and PCoIP sessions. Horizon Client 4.1 users on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X systems can... Read more