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How useful is a Digital Workspace without VDI?

The initiative to declare 2019 as the true Year of VDI continues. As you may have read in my previous blog post, I believe the main reason for the declaration is that the technology has matured to a level where it can become a mainstream technology. Of course, this is the case in certain industries and when you are facing tons of traditional applications. By the way, if you haven’t…

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Will 2019 finally be the Year of VDI?

Many people joke about it and mock with the fact that it has been The Year of VDI for many years. But, is it finally here? Will 2019 finally be The Year of VDI? And what does that mean? Does that mean we could see VDI being a mainstream technology? Have hyper-converged stacks and automatic deployments made the technology a commodity and might this be a reason why 2019 finally is... Read more

Review of VMworld 2018 in Barcelona

While waiting at the airport in Barcelona for my wife to arrive, I’m trying to channel everything that happened in the last 5 days. VMworld 2018 in Barcelona just ended and since the very first VMware event I visited (Partner Exchange 2012, PEX, in Las Vegas), the way I experience those events is changing. Visiting PEX 2012 had a primary goal; I was solely there to learn about new technologies (such... Read more

Brian madden VMworld event

Brian Madden’s VMware EUC Community event at VMworld

In less than a week, Barcelona will be the virtualization capital of the world. People from all over the planet will travel towards the Catalan city to enjoy all that VMworld and the city of Barcelona have to offer. A lot of events are happening as well and in this blog post, I would like to highlight one; The VMware EUC Community Event, hosted by Brian Madden. About half a year... Read more

Brian madden VMworld event

Why VMworld 2018 in Vegas was the best edition ever

Let me start with the fact that I said this same thing last year. This VMworld was the best ever. And back then I also meant it. VMworld 2018 in Las Vegas this year was even better. In this post, I would like to explain why this year’s edition was epic on a whole new level. With the VDI Design Guide being launched a couple of weeks ago, I was hoping... Read more

Looking forward to VMworld 2018 in Las Vegas

VMworld is one of the highlights of the year. It’s one of the biggest virtualization conferences on the planet and the place to be if VMware technology and its ecosystem are what drive you. This year will be even more awesome because the VDI Design Guide was launched this month and there are a lot of things happening around the book. I’m feeling very lucky to be able to visit... Read more


Writing the VDI Design Guide: Why, What and How?

If you haven’t noticed it, check this post. Since early August, the VDI Design Guide is available in the Amazon bookstore. Writing a book isn’t something you should take lightly, that’s what I experienced myself in the last 12 months. But why? And what challenges did I face? Would I do it all over again? And what would I do differently? I would like to answer these and more questions... Read more

VDI Design Guide

Finally, the waiting is over: the VDI Design Guide is available!

Twelve months of spending most evenings and weekends in my man cave have come to an end. Since today, the VDI Design Guide is available at the Amazon bookstore! About a year ago, I started my journey to make one of my dreams for the past couple of years come true: become an author. While being at the VMworld conference 2017 in Las Vegas, the first foundation was made. The... Read more