A new step in my career: Becoming a Dutch VMUG Leader

One of my passions is sharing knowledge, especially about VMware tech. Blogging, creating videos, podcasting, writing books, and especially being on stage and presenting a cool topic, is what seriously drives me. I had the honor of presenting various sessions at all VMworlds since 2017, VMUGs in Manchester, Prague, Paris, London, Belgium, Budapest, Sofia, Copenhagen, E2EVC, and many other great events. The first time I got the opportunity to speak…

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NVIDIA just launched the new Jetson Nano and it is awesome!

At NVIDIA GTC, it’s a tradition to release new products, solutions, and services. In that tradition, NVIDIA launched a new version of the Jetson Nano, a tiny ARM-based computer with a real GPU and capable of doing magical things. It’s basically a Raspberry Pi on steroids. I was lucky to receive one of this new model, The Jetson Nano 2GB, to test it and share my experiences here. Why the... Read more

VMworld 2020 – My take and my TOP 10 sessions

It’s been a while since my last post. A lot has happened, and I have been seriously focussing on VMworld. As you may know, VMworld 2020 is fully digital and online, and best of all: it’s completely FREE! I submitted just a single session on integrating Bitfusion and Kubernetes, but suddenly some opportunities arose and now I have six sessions in the catalog. In this post, I will focus on... Read more

Mastering voodoo: Building Linux VDI for Deep Learning workloads, Part 2

In this previous post, I described the first attempt to build a VDI platform for Deep Learning Applications. This post aggregates the information I used to build Linux Virtual Desktops for AI and Data Science. It’s a live-blog, which means I will update it when the process changes. Building and Provisioning the desktop The first step is to fully set up Horizon to use Linux Desktops. The following guide is... Read more


Lightboard Series: VMware Horizon DaaS

In this post in the Lightboard Series, I would like to dive into VMware Horizon DaaS. For those who don’t know what Horizon DaaS is, it’s VMware’s Desktop-as-a-Service solution that can be used by service providers to provide their customers or resellers with a multi-tenant VDI from the cloud offering. VMware acquired Desktone in 2013, which lead to the development of this stack. For a while, customers could run desktops... Read more

Lightboard Nvidia 1

Lightboard Series: NVIDIA vGPU part 1

In the past 2 years, I’ve recorded quite a number of lightboard videos. In a series of blog posts, I would like to highlight the videos and explain some background behind the video and technologies used. This post is about NVIDIA vGPU and contains a deep dive into how NVIDIA vGPU, VMware Horizon, and VMware vSphere work together. The history of Graphical Acceleration in VMware Horizon In this first video,... Read more

New year, new focus

Let me start by wishing you all a happy new year! I hope you had great holidays and just like me, you are fully charged to kick off 2020 with a big bang! A big bang, in my case, means that as of today I will start in a new role at ITQ Consultancy as Technologist with a focus on End-User Computing (EUC), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things... Read more