Horizon 6.2

What’s new in VMware Horizon 6.2

What’s new in VMware Horizon 6.2 Today, VMware announced Horizon 6.2. In this post I will explain some of the features which are new. Windows 10 Windows 10 is fully supported as both a desktop guest OS as well as an Horizon Client. Also, smart card support for Windows 10 is added. RDSH One of the coolest features in Horizon 6.2 is the added functionality of the View Composer. It…

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vExpert 2015

When I started this blog last year, my main reason was to get people as enthusiastic and passionate about VMware products and End User Computing as I am. I truly never thought that VMware would give me the honor of becoming a vExpert. Especially so soon. So from now on, vHojan.nl is vExpert-powered.. 🙂 Also congratulations to my ITQ colleagues Marco van Baggum (@vMbaggum, vMbaggum.nl), Dennis Hoegen Dijkhof (Dutch VMUG... Read more

Error downloading templates with App Volumes 2.9

Error downloading templates with App Volumes 2.9 When implementing App Volumes, there is a series of prerequisites you need to comply to if you would like things to work. One of them is to setup a role with appropriate permissions in vCenter so you can setup a template, create appstacks, provision them and assign them. As at my current project it isn’t possible to create a role with administrative permissions, I... Read more

Self service, a must-have in End User Computing

Last week I wrote a new post on my company’s blog about End-User Computing and all of the recent acquisitions that VMware did. As you may have read, all of these acquisitions had a purpose. The purpose is called Project Enzo, or what it’s future name might be.. I also mentioned that the one missing piece in the End-User Computing puzzle is Self Service. So why is that, you would... Read more

VMware’s acquisitions, does it make any sense? Yes it does!

After a presentation I gave recently on ITQ’s annual Technical Update Session (TUS), I got some questions about the products of the EUC proposition. What people in general don’t see is the common thread in the acquisitions done by VMware. Products like AirWatch, App Volumes and User Environment Manager were added to the portfolio in the last year. There is a reason for the products being acquired. In a post... Read more

Why it is so important to design your Horizon View infrastructure

Disclaimer: This blogpost isn’t meant to complain about wrongly made decisions. It’s meant to give you an idea why it’s better to start off building well-prepared, instead of building unprepared. Because when doing it right, in the end: 1) Your customer will be happy 2) You will be happy 3) Happy customer = more revenue Today I consulted a company that implemented a VMware Horizon View 6 environment with the... Read more

vRealize Operations, Part 1: Network Connectivity

vRealize Operations isn’t really a part of VMware’s End User Computing productsuite,  but during a new project I had to design a vRealize Operations (vROPS) environment for approximately 5000 virtual machines and came across some interesting things. So the next couple of weeks you can expect posts regarding vROPS and some of the challenges that needed to be solved during the design and implementation. So, one of the first was to... Read more

Horizon 6.1 announced

Last week VMware announced Horizon 6.1, the latest version of VMware’s End User Computing Suite. A couple of new cool features are introduced with it: Applications: Unlimited Access Of course, USB redirection is part of the Horizon Client for quite some time now, but in the new release it supports new features including the use of Scanning & Imaging devices from RDSH desktops and apps, USB Mass Storage Devices to access... Read more

VMware & Lakeside launch free SysTrack VDI assessment portal

Today, VMware and Lakeside Software launched their free VDI assessment portal. When designing a new Horizon View based VDI solution, one of the most important goals is to create a user experience that’s at least as good as the user experience on a normal desktop. So during a VDI assessment or design phase, one needs to get in-depth knowledge about the resources needed to create a good user experience. And that can... Read more