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EUC keeps rocking! What’s new in Horizon 7

During last year’s VMworld in Barcelona, Sanjay Poonen sang the legendary words: EUC Will Rock You! And he wasn’t lying. During today’s major launch event, EUC keeps rocking. In this post I will share what’s new in Horizon 7 and Business Mobility in general. Let start out with some preciously announced beta tech that will now get the GA status: Instant Cloning In this blogpost I wrote on my company…

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vCloud Director cells fail after vCenter reboot

For some reason, it maybe needed to reboot a vCenter once in a while. Especially a windows-based vCenter when the windows updates need to be executed. When using vCloud Director in combination with that specific vCenter Server, it might happen that the vCloud Director Cells break their connection to the vCenter Server. Every vCD Cell has a vCenter Proxy that connects to the vCenter to perform management operations like the creation... Read more

Horizon View best practices: Multi VLAN Network

When implementing Horizon View Pools with a number of desktops that exceeds the limit of a single 24 bit subnet, it is very wise to think about properly designing and configure your network infrastructure for your VDI environment. Several best practice are available to do this and I will explain the one I am using in this post. But why? The answer is fairly simple. Imagine a Horizon View Environment with... Read more

VMworld 2015: EUC Will Rock You!

Best. Week. Ever. That’s basically what I think during every VMworld event. After all the announcements in San Francisco earlier this year, it’s pretty excited in EUC land. Sanjay Poonen made it pretty clear when ending his part of the EUC keynote singing “EUC WILL ROCK YOU!” while drummers were playing the beats of Queen’s We will rock you. That man is bad ass. Project Enzo One of my main... Read more

How to decide which application delivery method is the right one?

During the last couple of months I got a lot of questions about the different deployment methods that can be used to deliver an application to the end user in a BYOD enabled business. Within the VMware Horizon Suite there are multiple different solutions. But when adding AirWatch to your infrastructure, it can be quite difficult to choose the right method. Keep in mind that the most important thing when... Read more

My first experience in the UAE

As some of you may have read on my twitter account, I’m currently busy on an awesome EUC engagement. Basically designing a new VDI infrastructure with Horizon View, App Volumes, RDSH Application Pools, UEM and vROPS for View. The architecture will be spread across two datacenters and Cloud Pod Architecture will be used to make sure pools are available at both sites. A PoC with Nvidia Grid will be part of... Read more

UEM 8.7 is GA!

Yesterday, VMware brought 3 new versions of existing products to the GA status. Horizon Flex 1.6, Identity Manager 2.4 and User Environment Manager 8.7. That last one caught my eye. Mostly because I am busy on a project right now in which I will implement UEM on a Horizon View environment en will benefit with new features. So what are those new features: Session detection UEM is now able to... Read more

VMware Identity Manager 2.4 announced today!

Exciting times in the EUC world these days. VMworld 2015 in San Francisco was full announcements of cool new stuff like Project A2, Horizon 6.2 and of course more details on Project Enzo. As a dessert, today VMware announced a new version of the Identity Manager (vIDM). vIDM is the rebranded Workspace Portal solution. In the current 2.1 version it’s still Workspace Portal with a different name, but with 2.4... Read more

VMworld 2015 day 2: More EUC announcements

As I mentioned in this earlier post, VMware announced Horizon 6.2 with tons of new features. Besides Horizon 6.2, new products were announced that will bring the End User Computing portfolio and it’s cool products more together (like I predicted in this post). VMware Identity Manager Advanced First of all, VMware Identity Manager Advanced was announced. vIDM Advanced is a combination of the vIDM (the product formerly known as Workspace... Read more