First episode of the Unexplored Territory podcast with Kit Colbert

Early 2021, I had a chat with my buddies Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman. We spoke about stuff we have shared passion for, like sharing knowledge (on stage), and also how we wanted to do something new in terms of sharing knowledge. We quickly came to the conclusion that we all like to listen to podcasts and that podcasting in general was something we all liked to do. In the summer of 2021, we launched the In de Aap Gelogeerd podcast. A Dutch podcast in which we talk to people from the Dutch-speaking VMware community and discuss topics like the history of the Dutch community, technical topics, but also personal development. We are really enjoying to create this podcast (episode 6 was released early October 2021), and will continue to do so. Now, an opportunity came up to launch a similar podcast as the Dutch one, but focusing on the entire world. And this is what we are launching today: The Unexplored Territory Podcast!

In your favourite podcast player, you can now find the first episode of the Unexplored Territory Podcast. The format of the podcast is quite simple. Our guest is the star of the episode. In an interview setting, we have a conversation with our guest about technology, personal development, vision and strategy, and Unexplored Territory.

The first episode features VMware’s new Chief Technology Officer, Kit Colbert. We had a chat with Kit about his journey at VMware, about vMotion, different projects that were announced at VMworld such as Monterey, Capitola, and Santa Cruz, but also how he was involved with the acquisition of AirWatch when he was CTO for VMware EUC. The podcast is bi-weekly, and without spoiling anything, we have a line-up of amazing guests for the upcoming episodes!

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If you’d like, you can listen to the first episode here:

Johan van Amersfoort

Johan van Amersfoort

Johan van Amersfoort is a VCDX-DTM, VMware EUC Champion, vExpert, and NVIDIA NGCA member, working as a Technical Marketing Architect and EUC Geek at ITQ Consultancy. He is the author of the VDI Design Guide. More about Johan can be found on the about page.