Workspace ONE Application Delivery Decision Diagram

Delivering applications to a (virtual) desktop through VMware Workspace ONE can be a challenging thing. Choosing the right delivery method is essential to get de most out of every application. To help you getting started, I’ve created a flow diagram which can be downloaded here. The diagram will guide you through every step in the process of delivering an application to an end user.

Methods that can be chosen:

  • Delivery through AirWatch to physical endpoints
  • Delivery through Identity Manager with SAML
  • Delivery through Identity Manager without SAML
  • Delivery through App Volumes Appstacks
  • Delivery through ThinApps inside an App Volumes Appstack
  • Installed locally on an RDSH machine or desktop base image

You can find the latest version of the App Delivery Decision Diagram here. The full-scale PDF version can be downloaded using the download button.