VMware Explore

VMware Explore 2022 EUC Recap

VMware Explore 2022 in San Francisco is already a couple of weeks ago, but I’m still processing everything that happened at the very first edition of this rebranded/revamped/remarketed flagship event of VMware. The whole idea behind the rebranding is obviously because of the broader scope of solutions that VMware offers. When purely looking at the EUC-side-of-things, there was a lot to learn and some really interesting announcements, outside of just…

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VMware Anywhere Workspace at VMware Explore

In the end of this month, VMware’s first edition of VMware Explore (the event formerly known as VMworld) will take place in the Moscone event center in San Francisco. It’s going to be the first large in-person VMware in years and I’m beyond excited to go overseas and learn new things, meet up with the international VMware community again, and first and foremost, present a couple of sessions about VMware... Read more


First episode of the Unexplored Territory podcast with Kit Colbert

Early 2021, I had a chat with my buddies Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman. We spoke about stuff we have shared passion for, like sharing knowledge (on stage), and also how we wanted to do something new in terms of sharing knowledge. We quickly came to the conclusion that we all like to listen to podcasts and that podcasting in general was something we all liked to do. In the... Read more

I’m excited for VMworld 2021 and this is why!

While I’m writing this, It’s the final week of August, which meant that I normally would be attending VMworld 2021 in the US. Although it’s going to be another virtual edition this year, my week (like last week) was still mainly focused on VMworld. I got 4 sessions in the content catalog, which means that a lot of slides, demos, stories, etc needed to be created, rehearsed, and recorded before... Read more

In stores now: The VDI Design Guide Part II

The moment you all have been waiting for has finally come. After 10 months of regularly hiding in my man-cave, listening to EDM, and feeding my caffeine addiction, I can proudly announce that the result is finally available for everyone to enjoy. The original VDI Design Guide has a sequel. It’s not a revision of the first book, it’s a new book (which does lean on the first book). What... Read more

ITQ VDI Design Guide

Free VDI Design Guide eBook for everyone!

It’s been 2,5 years since the VDI Design Guide was launched. Thousands of people have been enjoying the book, and quite often I received tweets, emails, DMs, etc from VDI enthusiasts all around the world. Those messages explained how the book helped to design and build platforms that performed better with increased stability, scalability, and even with a lowered TCO. I like to keep those messages because they’re one of... Read more

A new step in my career: Becoming a Dutch VMUG Leader

One of my passions is sharing knowledge, especially about VMware tech. Blogging, creating videos, podcasting, writing books, and especially being on stage and presenting a cool topic, is what seriously drives me. I had the honor of presenting various sessions at all VMworlds since 2017, VMUGs in Manchester, Prague, Paris, London, Belgium, Budapest, Sofia, Copenhagen, E2EVC, and many other great events. The first time I got the opportunity to speak... Read more

My home studio recording setup

I got a couple of questions this week about my home studio setup that I use for presenting at virtual events. This blogpost is dedicated to share my setup and the reason why I went for this setup. This year I had a major goal, which was to present at as many physical virtualization events as possible. Due to the pandemic, most of them became virtual. It had its advantages... Read more

NVIDIA just launched the new Jetson Nano and it is awesome!

At NVIDIA GTC, it’s a tradition to release new products, solutions, and services. In that tradition, NVIDIA launched a new version of the Jetson Nano, a tiny ARM-based computer with a real GPU and capable of doing magical things. It’s basically a Raspberry Pi on steroids. I was lucky to receive one of this new model, The Jetson Nano 2GB, to test it and share my experiences here. Why the... Read more