My favourite VMworld 2017 sessions (US and EU)

As it is July and both VMworld’s are about to happen in 2 to 2,5 months, it’s time to take the next step in preparing for the biggest virtualization events in the world. The session catalog is online and although the schedule builder will be in a couple of weeks, I decided to give you guys a heads up of which sessions I think are essential for a great VMworld. For the first time I will be presenting my own breakout session in Barcelona and be part of a group discussion in Las Vegas, which I wrote about in this post….

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Johan van Amersfoort at VMUG

A new level of awesomeness: I will be presenting at VMworld!

I live by the words of Yoda: “Do or do not. There is no try.”. Overall that means that if I have a goal, I will continue to pursue it until I have achieved it. But some things in life are harder to achieve than others. Last year I worked my ass off to become VCDX and since this year I am doing something I really like at my employer ITQ. Part of working in Technical Marketing is presenting at (community) events. 3 years ago for the first time at the ITQ Technical Update Sessions, and since this week I…

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VMware Horizon Helpdesk

VMware Horizon 7.2 is released and it’s awesome!

Today VMware released the newest version of the Horizon Suite, version 7.2 And although the previous releases contained great new features, this is one that I am really excited about. VMware added some great new features to existing functionality and better yet, added a complete new feature called Helpdesk which makes me really enthusiastic. Let me first give you an overview of all the new features before digging into Helpdesk. Instant clone Reuse pre-existing AD account for Instant Clone pool – if an existing AD computer account name matches the Instant Clone machine name, then re-use computer account name. SVGA…

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VDI assumptions

To assess or not to assess, is that even a question?

I’m currently working on the first design project after becoming VCDX. And so it is a great opportunity to use my newly developed skills to design the world’s most awesome Digital Workspace. I might write some more around this project in the next coming months. The project involves basically the whole VMware Workspace ONE Suite and on top of that NSX Enterprise for Desktops and some other security-related solutions for AV integration and behaviour analysis. But one of the first phases in this project is the assessment of the current environment so we can get some insights for the new…

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Please vote for me: vSphere Land Nominations 2017

Like last year, It’s the time again where you can vote for your favourite VMware-related blog. And like last year, this blog is on the list of blogs that you can choose from while nominating. Unfortunately, there is no separate VDI category this year. But I still hope you that you guys would like to vote for this blog as one of your favourites! How to vote? Go to this link and fill in the short survey (will only take you around 5 minutes to finish) and select (Johan van Amersfoort) as one of the 12 favourite blogs. Thanks…

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VMworld Barcelona Preparation Tips and Tricks

  A couple of weeks ago, I have been on a pre-VMworld 2017 trip to Barcelona to enjoy the greatness of the city. Barcelona is one of my most favourite cities  in the world and as VMworld 2017 is again taking place in the Fira Gran Via conference center, I thought it was a good idea to share some of my experiences to get you guys prepared for all the awesomeness that VMworld in Barcelona has to offer. The number one goal for most attendees of VMworld is to gain knowledge. Within a couple of weeks, the catalog of sessions…

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Find me at the VMUG in Belgium and North West UK

Last month, the VMUG in the Netherlands (NLVMUG) was held in the 1931 venue in Den Bosch. It was a great event that included 2 sessions of my own and some of my ITQ colleagues as well. Next month, I will make my official debut as an international VMUG speaker as I will be presenting at the Usercon in Belgium as well as the one in the North West UK (Manchester). First things first. I presented two sessions. One was a group discussion around the VCDX program and one about Security and User Experience. The last one of the two was recorded. So…

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Help me get my sessions to VMworld 2017

It has been an awesome week. Yesterday, I became a VMware End-User Computing (EUC) Champ for 2017 and this makes me very proud. A couple of years ago I made the decision to focus on VMware EUC technology and that brought me where I am now. I also submitted some papers for VMworld 2017 sessions which brings me to my next goal in life: present at a VMworld conference. Presenting is one of the coolest things about my job. I have presented at this year’s NLVMUG and will be presenting at the Belgium VMUG as well as the North Western…

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User Experience Troubleshooting Deep Dive, Part 3: protocol metrics

In part 1 and part 2 of the User Experience Troubleshoot Deep Dive Series I focussed on explaining what metrics to look at and how to monitor them. In the next coming parts I would like to dive deeper in the metrics. Part 3 is dedicated to protocol metrics, so PCoIP and Blast Extreme/BEAT. Why not RDP you would say? RDP doesn’t have that much that can be monitored and tuned, so I won’t focus on it in this post. First of all, let’s start with the different protocols. PCoIP (PC Over IP) PCoIP was introduced in 2008 in version…

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