Review of VMworld 2016 in Barcelona

The EMEA edition of VMworld in Barcelona is a wrap. This edition of VMworld is in my honest opinion one of the best until so far. And in this post I will explain why.


VMware Cloud on AWS

Anyone who missed the great announcement around the partnership between VMware and Amazon has either lived in a cave or is still using floppy drives on a daily basis. VMware Cloud on AWS is a new service that let’s you integrate your local VMware vSphere infrastructure with the vSphere infrastructure on AWS, but fully transparently. More about this game changing technology can be found on this blog post which was written by my colleague Jeffrey Kusters. Frank Denneman presented two sessions around this tech, which I found to be the best session I attended this year.

Workspace ONE

On the second day of the main conference, Sanjay Poonen took the stage for some announcements. But like last year when he was singing “EUC Will Rock You!” next to some drummers that were playing the “We will rock you” song by Queen, he had a special appearance planned. When entering the main hall where the keynote was held, a band was playing some really nice blues music. Like normal, the band stopped playing when the keynote started. But this time one of the musicians left the band to walk towards the stage. He threw off his hat and sunglasses and BAM: there stood Sanjay Poonen telling everyone that making music is still one of his favorite things in the world. A great presenter announcing great new tech.

Sanjay Poonen
In this post I explained the major EUC announcements

ITQ in the picture

As ITQ (my employer) is growing with the number of consultants, chances were big that you would have seen us dutch guys with either an orange or blue polo shirt with the ITQ logo (glasses) on it. This year we were with 26 employees, all with different goals and interests. Next to being visible through our unmistaken home and away jerseys, ITQ also came in a different picture. During the EUC keynote session by Summit Dhawan and Ian Evans, our CEO Francisco Perez van der Oord came on stage to be interviewed by Ian Evans about our unique partnership with VMware. As one of the three partners globally that have all accreditations, that was quite amazing.
In an interview with VMworld TV, you can hear him talk about the appearance on stage and our partnership (including a cameo of yours truly behind his left shoulder):

Also very impressive, my colleague Arie-Jan Bodde was interviewed by VMworld TV about his indisputed number 1 ranking on the VMware Partner University. You can watch the interview here:

Last but not least, together with Marco van Baggum and Matthew Bunce, we did an interview during the vExpert Daily about VMworld, the announcements and some tips and tricks for visitors. You can watch the interview here:

Partner Day

In the previous editions of VMworld, the first day of the event was dedicated for partners but contained mostly marketing related sessions (and so we went to the city center early to enjoy the Catalan cuisine). This year it was a bit different. The day contained more technical sessions than the previous editions and so my agenda was completely filled with good sessions and meetings with different teams within VMware (like the App Volumes and UEM teams). VMware did a really good job here and I hope they will continue this in next editions.

Solution Exchange

As always, the Solution Exchange contains a lot of vendors that are showing their products and have experts and their booth that can answer questions that you could have around these products. New this year was an area that contained all kinds of start-ups like Stacksware.
Again, good job VMware by arranging this.

solution exchange


Next to the VMware Cloud on AWS session, the “Workspace ONE, how to plan, how to start” session, presented by Brian Gammage was one of my favorites as well. We see more and more customers struggling in creating a proper business case for Workspace ONE. In this session, Brian explained what is needed before you even should start thinking of the Workspace ONE solution. The road to the Digital Workspace is a difficult one and proper planning is essential for a succesfull project.

Parties and Gatherings

VMworld is a guarantee for good gatherings and parties. A lot of vendors have special things planned and offer good food and drinks on different location in Barcelona. One worth mentioning was the VMvillage VMware Benelux party. VMware Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg) organized their yearly party in Salt, the club at the first floor of the iconic W Hotel located at the beach. The previous editions had kind-of a formal atmosphere which was fine for meeting customers and peers. But this year they did something completely different. They arranged a big factory-like location that had a great view over the harbour. Inside the factory were a lot of food trucks serving great spanish food like Paella and Tapas. Good drinks, nice music and a great giveaway made sure that even the party was over, still a lot of attendees were there. Even some global VMware employees and people from the Benelux VMware community enjoyed the event. Keep up the good work VMware Benelux!


As you may have read in this post, I have been to the US version of VMworld earlier this year. I must say that the US version has a different vibe than the EMEA version which is hard to describe. One big advantage that the Barcelona edition has is “Barcelona” itself. The city offers so much great things like the cuisine, the beach, a great nightlife and a real nice climate. With an avarage of 20 degrees celcius, you are basically constantly outside when not attending a session. Rumours are unfortunately there that this might be the last edition in Barcelona. The same rumours say that Berlin or Vienna might be the next location for the biggest virtualization event that EMEA has. Both offer a colder climate, but might be great as well for their characteristic features.

The VMworld fun is over. I got confirmation this week that the design I submitted for VCDX-DTM was approved. That means that the next 2 weeks I will be working my ass off to prepare for the defense. Keep track of my “Road to VCDX” blog series so you can follow my progress and experience.

VMworld 2016, What’s new in EUC?

Yep, again a great week full of announcements, networking, technical sessions, parties and fun with the ITQ team. VMworld 2016, the Barcelona Edition is yet again a blast!

Last Friday I attended a Citrix Usergroup event in the Netherlands. Lot’s of great community people and speakers. One of those speakers was Shawn Bass, the CTO for VMware’s EUC products. After his session about the VMware ecosystem and his vision around the Digital Workspace, I spoke to him about VMworld. I asked him if he was excited about VMworld and his answer was “I have been working on a great new EUC innovation for the past year and I am going to announce it next to Sanjay Poonen during the keynote on Wednesday, so I am very excited!”.

Skype for Business

During todays keynote it was clear that he was right. The evolution of the Digital Workspace in full force as he announced the new integration between Horizon and Skype for Business. A new virtual channel has been created that allows for endpoints to have a peer-to-peer connection that can be offloaded to the physical endpoint for media processing.

The next picture shows an outline of the current integration and the new integration:


Furthermore, a video has been released that shows some more information on the integration:

It is possible to sign up to a Tech Preview at the following link.

Workspace ONE Essentials

Workspace ONE Essentials is a new entry-level edition into the digital workspace. At $4 per user per month, Workspace ONE Essentials provides users with a unified catalog for single sign-on (SSO) access to web and mobile applications on unmanaged devices. This new offering packages many existing Workspace ONE capabilities into a new offering with the following capabilities:

  • Self-service app catalog/launcher: Unified access to web or public native mobile apps.
  • SSO with basic conditional access: SSO access to applications and secure conditional access rules based on user, device type, network location and/or authentication strength.
  • Integrated multi-factor authentication: Enforce two-factor authentication on apps with VMware Verify, giving workers one-touch simplicity on their mobile phones.
  • Usage reporting and analytics: Gain insight into what users are accessing via which applications and how often.

The following figure shows the different offerings and their specific features:


Secure Access to Office 365

Like the Skype for Business integration, VMware and Microsoft are heavily working together to enhance each others products. Office 365 and Workspace ONE are other examples of that integration. The following new features will be added to Workspace ONE and Office 365 to enhance the to product when using them in conjunction:

  • Automatic de-provisioning of Office 365 or G Suite (previously Google Apps) accounts when an employee leaves the company. By automating the de-provisioning of accounts, even an authenticated user with a valid token will be rejected access once the user is deactivated in Active Directory.
  • Step-up, two-factor authentication with VMware Verify: Organizations can require two-factor authentication when end users access secure apps. With the VMware Verify app, included in Workspace ONE, two-factor authentication approval is just one swipe away using of mobile push notifications.
  • Adaptive Management: Using Workspace ONE, organizations can block access to apps like Office 365 from unmanaged devices. Using consumer-simple workflows, we streamlined end-user enrollment to access apps. Once enrolled, IT benefits from device compliance checks and enterprise wipe.
  • Prevent access from noncompliant devices: If a device becomes noncompliant, access can be immediately removed. This is important in cases where devices are jailbroken and/or rooted or if a user tries to disable passcodes on their device.
  • Data Leakage Protection (DLP): Leveraging native platform controls to containerize apps, you can encrypt data, inhibit moving of emails, prevent users from opening attachments in personal apps and set DLP policies, such as restricting copy/paste and open-in controls.

The following figure shows the enhanced security features:


The following video shows a demo of the Office 365 integration:

Like the review of VMworld 2016 Las Vegas, I will write a review of the Barcelona edition as well. So follow me on twitter to get an update when it will be available.

VMworld 2016 Must-sees

This year I was one of the lucky ones to being able to attend both VMworld events. In this post you can read my review on the Las Vegas edition of VMworld. The post you are reading now is dedicated to a list of sessions that in my opinion are must-sees at the Barcelona edition of VMworld 2016. Also, it will be a great chance of seeing me in Barcelona as well.. 🙂


The Power of Two: EUC with NSX [PAR3707]

Tom Vallons and Mark Sindlinger talk about stuff they are good at: EUC and NSX.

Session description:
This session is for the experienced end-user computing architect who wants to gain knowledge and insight into how VMware NSX amplifies the agility and security posture of a VMware Horizon View deployment. This session will begin at a high level, but will dive deep into the design and architecture nuances that are part of a successful micro-segmentation and network virtualization design within a Horizon infrastructure.

Your Digital Workspace: How to Plan, How to Start [EUC8670R]

 One of the more strategic sessions in Barcelona this year. Brian Gammage will talk about the process that is needed prior to deploying a Workspace ONE infrastructure.

Session description:
Organizations everywhere are focused on workplace transformation and what this means for the technologies they deploy and use for work. Many are looking to build plans or strategies, but struggling to connect their business and functional goals with the increasingly diverse set of technology options available to them. Others have plans for a digital workspace, but do not know how or where to start implementing them. We describe how VMware can help you overcome these challenges and get your workplace transformation projects back on track. Whether you are just beginning the journey or looking to your next steps in business mobility, BYO, or desktop modernization, our unique approaches to building and implementing plans will help.

VMware Chief Technology Officer Panel – Trends and Futures [CTO9943]

Again, a strategic session but now with some more roadmap talk. Joe Baguley, Shawn Bass, Ray O’Farrell and Paul Strong, quite some names and all  in one session. Last year I attended a similar sessions with Shawn Bass, Harry Labana and Summit Dhawan. That was one of my favourites from the 2015 edition.

Session description:
The role of the Chief Technology Officer is to understand broad technology and business trends, to have deep knowledge of specific technical areas, and through communication, influence and drive the technology direction of specific products, the company and the industry at large. In this panel session the audience will get an opportunity to hear some of the thoughts and opinions, as well as ask questions of VMware’s technology leadership.

VMware Cloud Foundation on Public Clouds: A Closer Look [INF7849]

Frank Denneman and Alex Jauch will present the new solution called Cloud Foundation based on a deep dive.

Session description:VMware Cloud Foundation on Public Clouds brings VMware’s enterprise class Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) stack to Public Cloud delivered as an on-demand, subscription-based, elastically scalable offering.
This session follows our introductory session INF7711 with a deeper dive into the details of how this solution will operate and we will show examples of the solution in action under Technology Preview
The deep dive session will show how common vSphere features and solutions seamlessly work in the public cloud leveraging VMware Cloud Foundation.  New use cases enabled by this solution will also be discussed along with the underlying architecture.

How to Manage Personal Settings with App Volumes & ThinApp [EUC7611]

UEM, ThinApp and App Volumes are great products. And Pim van de Vis and Raymond Wiesemann are going to tell you more about the integration of these products. Must attend if you are all about application delivery!

Session description:
Application delivery is a piece of cake with VMware ThinApp and VMware App Volumes, but the user profile issues remain. ‘How can I roam my personal application settings?’ and ‘How can I maintain application settings when upgrading to Windows 10?’ are still valid questions that we hear from a lot of customers. In this session you will learn how personal settings are stored with ThinApp and App Volumes and what you can do to manage those settings.